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    Custom Face Mug


    Do you really want to miss out on a cup with your face? Our mugs are made especially for you with our designers individually designing these design using a watercolour effect that gives the glow it deserves

    • 11oz or 330ml
    • Perfect for warm or cold drinks on any occasion
    • Design will last throughout a lifetime and will not fade at all.
    • Guaranteed laughter and the perfect gift for anyone.

     Why You Should Buy From Us?

    ✅ Over 1000+ 5 Star Reviews to our Australian Owned Brand

    ✅ High Quality Printing & Made Just for You!

    ✅ Live Chat & Responsive Customer Support By Our Team.

    ✅ Organised & Shipped Reliably within Australia By Australia Post.

    Design & Shipping

    To make an order, please be sure to review your image chosen as well as ensure that it is of sufficient quality. If your photo is blurry to the naked eye or there are sharp differences in the lighting, we highly recommend getting another photo!

    Note: The number of faces represents each unique face on a photo. If there are two unique faces (e.g. two different dog faces) on a photo, that will count as 2 faces that you would like on your design. If you want something specific, we highly recommend mentioning this on the notes of your order so we can communicate with you if necessary.


    Please allow 7-10 business days from date of order for designing and printing. We aim to send it to the post office for delivery within this period from which then it will be organised by the post for delivery to your location. Our mugs will ship from Melbourne via our partners and will depend directly on your location for the number of days required for arrival. If you do order multiple products, understand that they may arrive at different times depending on the difficulty in production and ensuring our processes are maintained!

    If you live in a rural location, the shipping timeframe will be slightly longer due to less frequency of delivery vans.


    Q: Do we crop the photos or do you do that for us?
    A: All you need to do is upload the photo and our team will do the rest for you!

    Q: Can I upload one photo with multiple faces? Or do they need to be separate?
    A: You can do either! As long as you choose the option for the number of unique faces in either the one photo or multiple photos you upload.

    Q: Can I get anything I want on my design? Does it have to be a face?
    A: Nope! As long as the quality is good, we are happy to do it! Just let us know in the notes on what you would like specifically.

    Q: How long will it take to receive my order if I ordered today?
    A: In our shipment tab, we mention that we aim to get it to the post within 10 business days. Depending on the period of the year this may change in which case please understand that the custom process takes time and message us if concerned!

    Q: What are your mugs made of?
    A: They are made of durable ceramic and can hold both cold and hot drinks with ease.

    Q: What makes a good photo?
    A: Ideally front facing in good neutral lighting. If you are worried, send us a message.

     Can I get a preview before ordering?
    A: Unfortunately not. You can request one before we print your order, but this can also cause delays. Our team is experienced and we will contact you if we have problems with what you've uploaded.