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    Our Story

    As you are currently reading this, we want you to reflect on your current lifestyle. Are you feeling like you’re always working the extra mile to please other people? Do you think that you aren’t doing something that is as fulfilling as it could be? You aren’t alone, and as a matter of fact, you are the reason that Pulse Socks exists.


    The story behind Pulse Socks began in the health industry, where professionals take time out of their lives, to help others live out more of theirs. Everyone loads up on unnecessary stress in a matter of putting others before themselves and forgetting that they too are human.

    Nathan and Jennii saw this as a massive problem in their industry and noticed that this not only occurred for them but was a common problem found by many friends and family who were living through the same story.

    Pulse Socks was founded on the initiative to remind each person, that to survive in this lifetime, you must take care of others, but to thrive in your lifetime, you must also consider the time for your well being. Knowing that it only takes one morning habit to help you start your day on a positive note, we have seen the effect that a colourful pair of socks can have on people and the community of people around them.

    From that point, we set out to create a community built around the idea of a pair of socks to what Pulse Socks has become today.

    We have THREE steps to our vision:

    1) To achieve a platform where one can freely express gratitude and support one another within this community.

    2) To help those who are struggling in silence achieve even the tiniest outlook of appreciation in their life.

    3) To stand right to our beliefs and commit to bringing colour into everyone's lives.

    We are only one part of the plan, but with your help, we can remain committed to our cause to help you, them and everyone in between achieving a more fulfilling lifestyle.

    Together we can make happiness an everyday obsession.