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    We currently stock three sizes, S,M & L sizes with our sizes labelled in AU foot sizing. If you are on the larger end of a size, we may recommend going to the next size to avoid disappointment!

    If you would like to see a digital proof, please email us to let us know. However, we want to make sure that we get our socks designed and printed through our schedule and by viewing a digital copy can cause delays to your order and can increase the delay passed the normal 10 business day time frame.

    We use a blend of polyester, cotton and elastine. The majority % is polyester as we found that this is the best material for printing quality while maintaining comfort.

    We've tested our socks and they should last many washes. For the best result, We always recommend to wash it by hand as it can be a touch more delicate! However, if you can't then putting it through a cold cycle will work. 

    Do not put these socks through a dryer as the heat can often cause damages to the design.

    Our socks have gone through several transformations as to improve the quality of the product itself. This does mean that some changes were made in an effort to do this and may be the reason that the appearance is different to what you were originally expecting.

    You're correct in noticing that! We have made changes over time and removed the logo from our toes to ensure we can continue strengthening our product. As a result, some customer review photos have it, and others dont but from this point forward it will be removed from actual products!


    We actually specialise in the art of printing itself! This means we can do anything you can think of as long as you provide the quality image!

    Nope! All you need to do is upload the photo and we'll do the editing for you!

    The best photos are always high quality to the eye. We prefer a neutral lighting and front facing photos. If you think a photo might be too blurry, then you're probably right and should pick another photo.

    Yep! One of our team members will be in touch with you once we identify an unsuitable image to obtain another! Keep in mind that this can delay the process of your order as it gets pushed back in line as we wait on your replies.

    Unfortunately we are not able to allow this for our processes. Each pair will have the same artwork on both the LEFT and RIGHT socks. If you want to have different faces, we suggest purchasing two pairs and mixing and matching!

    We describe a "face" as one type of face whether it is an individual photo or there are multiple faces in a single photo. You can choose to upload multiple photos for multiple faces or a single photo containing all the faces you require. The chosen # of faces does not equate to the number of images you are allowed to have on your artwork.

    Yes! Our standard is to just crop the head/face.
    If your picture has multiple subjects, be sure to specify which head/face to use in the "Notes to your designer" box. If we are not sure based on the image provided, we will contact you to clarify, but this will delay your order.

    Yes! Just be sure to specify to edit the full body in the "Notes to your designer" box. If you do not do so, we cannot take fault since we only go by your order and our standard method.

    Please keep in mind that we have a set method of how we aim to edit and design. Without proper instructions, we will carry on with this method. If you would like something specific, please mention it in the order notes or email us at


    We currently only provide shipping within Australia and New Zealand.

    They are a mixed blend of polyester and spandex. This is to ensure the combination of high quality printing and maximum comfort for long days at work!

    We use the Australian Post primarily for 95% of our orders. If you have ordered a portrait or a larger order, we may use an independent courier which we will keep you in the loop with! This is just a more effective method of getting our parcels to you!

    This is entirely dependent on your order.

    Our packaging bags can comfortably fit 2-3 pairs and depending on your order, we may require several packaging bags. This may lead to some packages arriving earlier than others, but we expect all packages to arrive safely!

    In the chance you have also ordered funky socks, they will be travelling separately and will arrive at a different time to your custom order dependent on Australia Post.

    Our custom socks take 7-10 business daysto design and print before we bring them to the post office.

    Once we have given it to the post, please expect 5-9 Days for Standard Delivery dependent on your location.

    If you haven't received your product after 2-3 weeks after receiving your tracking number or your tracking updates have stalled, we recommend calling the Australia Post support line and making a case claim for them to dig deeper. Since we use Australia Post, we are unable to fix anything until claims have been made.

    Sometimes there can be delays with Australia Post and how they conduct their delivery methods. Please allow at least 2-3 weeks before contacting us about your order.

    Provided it has passed this timeframe, we recommend calling the Australia Post to open up a case request as they primarily deal with these situations once we hand the parcels to them. 

    Depending on what has happened, they will bring us into the matter where we will do our best to fix your situation to the best of our ability!

    It takes time for our information to be updated. This could also mean that there have been some delays (e.g. weather, customs or package backlogs..). We recommend checking back in a few days for changes.

    In the chance that you are currently living in a rural town, please allow the maximum amount of time before your order arrives. This could be potentially up to 2 weeks, but could arrive much sooner than expected.


    This is a custom process of creating our personalised products and we will always do our best to get orders out accordingly. Due to issues with shipping delays as well as not choosing Express Shipping and Get Made Faster, you risk having your order arrive after Father's Day. If you have not received your order, please email us with your order # and we'll do our best to advise to you when it is expected to arrive.

    Due to the custom nature of our products, we do not provide refunds for orders that do not arrive in time for any seasonal period. We will do what we can to assist you in providing an estimate as to when it may arrive, but any delays or issues that arise after it gets handed to Australia Post is unfortunately out of our control. We will present the timeframe of production required for this custom product and we do our best to get all orders out as soon as we can possible.

    Due to the nature of relying on too many variables being production, design delays and shipping issues, we are always going to do our best to make sure that orders arrive in time for when you need it, but we cannot provide any guarantees that an order will arrive by any estimated date within a 2 week period of ordering due to the time taken for design and production as well as the shipping timeframe from our Melbourne office.


    We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or regular account payments all through PayPal. We also have Afterpay for those who want to buy now and pay later!

    Our website is SSL secured and encrypted so that all your data and information is kept safe in our servers. Not even we have access to your complete information which shows how secretive it is!

    For custom products, they are 100% personalised and considered one of a kind. Due to this face, we cannot accept returns. In the case of a damaged product or incorrect design, we are happy to work with you to get you a replacement. Please send us a message and we'll sort you out ASAP!

    Once you are at the checkout section, enter in your promo code and if the code is still valid, the changes will be automatically made and reflected on your new pricing.

    Please Note: Only one discount code can be used per order.


    We have customer service support set up to assist you through each step of the process. Just message our chat box and let us know the problem you're having.

    Be sure to refresh the page, then choose "Upload Photo" and click "Local Drive". If this does not seem to work, please get in touch with us or put your order through without uploading a photo and send the photo to our email at with the order # attached!

    If you have only just made your order, please contact us immediately at and quote your order # as well as your full name that is on the order you have placed. Unfortunately if it has already been sent, it will be too late and you will need to discuss with the courier about redirections.

    Please give the tracking some time to update as it may have just been taken by our courier van and has not been updated and ready to go out yet. IF it has been more than 5 business days, please get in contact with us.

    Be sure to let us know as soon as possible so we can understand what has happened and organise a fix for you immediately! Your satisfaction is our priority and we'll do what we can to ensure we get the correct order to you immediately!

    There's a good chance that it was spelt wrong or it may not longer be active! Let us know through facebook messenger and we can either correct you or help you fix it!

    That's tough to hear as we get so many raving reviews, but we are here to help you out as best we can. Let us know the situation so we can offer you a remedy to this situation. The earlier you let us know, the sooner we can fix it!