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    Just Plane Awesome

    Is it going to be in London or Paris today? Maybe New York or even back home? Time flies when you're just being plane awesome in our post stamp socks! We all have a goal to fill up that passport by the age of 30, and you might be able to a head start now with our men's socks!

    PLEASE NOTE: Calf Length is a longer length than our normal sizing.

    • Composition: 85% Cotton, 10% Spandex, 5% Polyester
    • Sizing Guide: AU/UK 6 - 12.5 (Check our sizing guide)
    • Washing Instructions: Please wash these socks on a cold cycle (Below 30°C). For longevity, we also recommend handwashing your socks.


    For more information or if you have any questions about our products, feel free to check out our FAQS.